Liberty Jump Team

Honoring Veterans of all Foreign Wars

Welcome to Liberty Jump Team

The Liberty Jump Team is going on a special mission at the Frontiers of Flight Museum 2015 Gala on May 16th, 2015 – and starring in the “Dirty 1/2 Dozen” short film! For More Information click on Dirty 1/2 Dozen Below.

Please watch the video below, remember the cost of Freedom!

Our team performs static line parachute jumps, and static displays

Liberty Jump Team honors World War II heroes, veterans of other wars and foreign conflicts and all others who have served or are serving by participating in static-line parachute operations in the United States and the European Theater of Operations, utilizing vintage C-47s.

Our growing team of professionals successfully completed jumps in from 2006 to the present and are planning several in 2015.

In 2009 and 2011, the Liberty Jump Team had the honor of jumping at Fryar Drop Zone at Fort Benning, GA, home of the Airborne Infantry School. This was done for the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment Reunion. The team also recently performed at the Fort Campbell, KY, Week of Eagles event. Liberty Jump Team has also taken part in the combined forces military jump at La Fiere ”Iron Mike” Drop Zone every year since 2009.

The team has jumped at Amfreville, Carentan, Liesville Sur Douve, Angoville au Plain France, Bastogne and Holland. The Liberty Jump Team is made up of active and prior service military with many years of experience. Our jumpmasters and instructors are all U.S. or foreign military-trained.

The team's training is based at and trains at the former Perrin Air Force Base in Denison, Texas.

Join our team and conduct military type parachute operations with one of the fastest-growing professional airborne teams in the world. We emphasize safety, both in our training and equipment.

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  • You are invited to join an exciting commemorative parachute team. The Liberty Jump Team honors WWII heroes and Veterans of all Wars and Foreign Conflicts. Our jumps commemorate the D-Day invasion and the liberation of Europe as well  as perpetuating the service of those who have served after including today's brave men and women serving comabt roles for their respective countries!